CTME participates in the AutoTreat innovation project led by the M&M Group

CTME is one of the companies subcontracted in the project by Talento Transformación Digital S.L. Its R&D department will be able to work in this attractive project.


Last December 2022, the first work package of the AutoTreat innovation project led by M&M Group in an international consortium with the companies Talento Transformación Digital S.L., Helmholtz-Zentrum hereon GmbH and Plating electronic GmbH was completed.

This first milestone consists of the definition of the requirements and specifications of the project, and gives way to the second work package, in which the experimental data necessary to develop mathematical models of the anodizing process will be obtained.

It should be recalled that the objective of the AutoTreat project is the development of an intelligent control unit for anodizing rectifiers. This equipment will be able to adjust the process parameters automatically according to the coating characteristics desired by the user (in terms of roughness, thickness and porosity).

For this purpose, mathematical models of the anodizing process and decision algorithms will be developed that will correlate the target properties with electrochemical signals measured in the bath in real time. Thus, process control will be improved and the number of defective parts will be reduced.

The project is funded by the Eurostars3 – Call 1 call, and its execution period started in October 2022 and will end in January 2025.


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