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Government of Castilla y León has developed a Regional Research and Innovation Strategy for an Intelligent Specialisation (RIS3), a strategy that serves as the basis for defining the operational programmes that, among other actions, promote the financing of R&D&I projects with regional Structural and Investment Funds.

The RIS3 establishes the basis for the search for synergies with other European funding sources such as the HORIZONTE 2020 and COSME programmes.

The aeronautical sector is specifically identified in the RIS3 of Castilla y León as one of the thematic priorities.

Within the framework of these common objectives, it was considered pertinent to promote a collaboration protocol between ICE and CLEANSKY 2 in order to favour synergies and promote the impulse and development of technological innovation in the aeronautical sector of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.

Regional entities such as ACITURRI, CIDAUT, CTME, INTRENIA (engineering) and UVA have obtained funding through projects approved in CleanSky. This line of financing is very important for them, because international positioning is at stake in calls and lobbies.

The aeronautical sector is not only made up of pure aeronautical companies, but also those companies/entities that work on products/processes that provide services to the aeronautical industry: materials, tests, product control, maintenance, new manufacturing processes, etc.

The main objective to promote this protocol between ICE JCyL and CLEANSKY2 is the rationalization of efforts to promote R&D in the regional aeronautical sector:


  • The regular exchange of information, knowledge and experience.
  • The participation of ICE in the events organized by Clean Sky.
  • The participation of Clean Sky in the events organized by the Junta de Castilla y León in relation to aeronautics, especially in informative days aimed at favouring the participation of the relevant actors in European programmes and in meetings/working groups related to topics of intelligent specialization in relation to aeronautics.
  • Mutual incorporation into discussion and study groups linked to the aeronautical sector.
  • The study and analysis of joint or complementary contributions of funds to the same project (in separate work packages), in order to achieve greater impact and efficiency and always in compliance with the respective regulatory standards.
  • To analyse jointly the possible complementary activities to the innovative projects promoted by economic actors from Castilla y León and selected by Clean Sky, with a view to an effective industrial development of the region.
  • Constitution of the Regional Aviation Working Group.
  • To carry out a joint and coordinated dissemination of the objectives and actions.

Aimed results:

  • Promote the regional aeronautical sector, taking advantage of European structures/funds.
  • To facilitate the positioning of companies / entities with a direct or indirect relationship in the aeronautical sector of Castilla y León.

2019 Agenda


  • Closed INFODAY Parque Tecnológico Boecillo - (VALLADOLID) - "Aviation Castilla y León WORKING GROUP CLEANSKY INFODAY"


  • Closed EVENT Centro Tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro (BURGOS) - "REGIONAL CLEANSKY SYNERGIES"


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